For over 100 years, Coca Cola have used the same logo. The Pepsi Globe is the logo for Pepsi, named for the red, white, and blue design in a sphere-like shape. A similar variant, originally with the same name but now sold under the name Pepsi Zero Sugar, is marketed in North America. One of the most popular and well-known logos ever is the Pepsi … Pepsi on the other hand, started out with a logo very similar to Coca Cola’s. Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo. Another reason will be that Coca Cola has stuck to a single kind of patterns in its logos and designs. Brand recognition is the extent to which your consumers identify your brand, not just from your products but also your logo, packaging, taglines, etc. It took you that long to figure that out? Originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham and introduced as Brad’s Drink, it was renamed as Pepsi-Cola on August 28, 1898,[1] and then as Pepsi in 1961. All you need to do is put your questions in the comments section below. They didn’t seem to veer off their track too much until between 1994 and 2000 where they seemed to get confused over whether their can was actually a bottle. Any info about samplings and consumer surveys? I can assure you, I did not try to return any cans of Pepsi. As we can see, Pepsi logos between 1898 and 1940 are somewhat similar, and so does swirling red, white and blue shapes between 1950 and 2008. Over the years, Pepsi’s logo evolved and changed with the times. From 1987 to 1991, the logo was the same, but with the wordmark in Handel Gothic. As a consumer, I really don’t give a fig about the change in logo design – as long as the product is recognizable to me. Further minor changes occurred in … Various Pepsi logos since its beginning. Nevertheless, ‘The Pepsi Challenge’ proved a success for the brand. Impactful websites that enable you to grow online. Let us know your thoughts below. Appreciate you taking the time to read the article. Everything related to the brand just seems to be random. Pepsi is sold in over 200 countries and generates more than $20 billion a year in revenue. The only relevant things you’ve even REMOTELY said about the two logos can be summed up in two or three lines. Feel free to ask us anything about this or any of our services as a. Click on a logo and visit the brand site. They have leverage social media like very few other large corporations have, there guerilla/viral marketing is fantastic. Pepsi too has represented itself like a friendly brand just like Coca Cola, but they primarily focused on the teens and young adult consumers. Today’s case study has less political undercurrent but occupies an equally massive market space, the fizzy drinks market. According to the brand, more than 50% of people liked the taste of Pepsi more than Coke. The official home of Pepsi®. Free templates, ebooks, guides, and more, to help drive results through design. With fashionable name-brand apparel, comfortable head wear, and exciting promo items, you're sure to find something of interest here. Some people will argue that Pepsi’s circular imagery is recognisable, and really, there’s no denying that. Pepsi wanted to show its support for the troops by including these two colours into its logo design.. If a mere logo could influence a brand that way, then why do companies hire huge marketing teams, brand gurus and forecasters etc? We would love to hear your thoughts on this. The new Pepsi branding isn’t bad – you’re right there. For Pepsi, the circle is the iconic logo. A logo is not just the typeface – it is also about the colors, graphic element, symbol etc. Loft, Inc. changed its name to Pepsi-Cola company around 1940. Coca Cola’s television advertisements have been very clever and creative all these years. Pepsi has been a huge name since it was launched by founder Caleb D. Bradham in 1898. and their final logo looks completely different than what they had started with. I just stumbled on this article, as I was thinking about how as a kid I always used to drink Pepsi, but now I drink Coke. We’re simply talking about cola and cola alone. Pepsi Max is a sugar-free, low-calorie variation of the soft-drink Pepsi. The old retro Pepsi was the best. People have different palettes and like different things. Or is it 2008’s slanted version of the circle? The logo of Coca Cola introduced in the year 1987 was strikingly similar to the logo introduced in the 1960s except that in this logo, the wave was reintroduced and the name was ‘Coca Cola Coke’. Find the rest of your favorite brand color codes on this website. Later in the year 2005, similar to what Coca Cola had done in the 1990s, Pepsi too added the gradient and gloss pattern of the droplets to their logo from 1998. (Read more: here and this pdf) Response to the New Pepsi Logo However, on realising their mistake, it was dropped and in 2002 they adopted their “classic” look and it’s been there ever since. Choose from Pepsi, Gatorade, Aquafina, Lays, Rockstar, Dole, Quaker, and more. Lady Camouflage Canvas Shoes Low-Cut Pepsi-Zero-Online-red-Logo- Comfortable Round Sneakers Suitable for Walking. I was in the Dr’s the other day and came across a vending machine that had clearly been there since the 70s. Brand recognition is a very important aspect for any brand. For more than 40 years since its inception, Pepsi had a swirly script logo given in the red color. This colour combination has ever since stayed in the brand logo of Pepsi. With this initiative, Pepsi helps people with new ideas in improving their community by giving them grants. Pepsi is one of the most globally recognized logos in the world. 3. Coca Cola aka Coke was established in the year 1886 in Atlanta by a pharmacist named Dr John S. Pemberton. Where are your statistics about the logo-preference? A hand drawn red typeface. The Coca Cola branding is iconic, and it’ll always be recognised. Is it the circle that’s got Pepsi wrote in the middle (1973)? But I don’t have the time now… because I have an assignment to complete. But, it doesn’t work quite the same way with Pepsi. Now, there are multiple aspects to this, one, for example, is that Coca Cola has won a kind of trust among its consumers, leading them to expect the same iconic flavour of Coke every single time. As with most popular brands at the time, the Pepsi logo starting becoming ornate in the late 90s with subtle gradients that were made easier by advancing computer graphics software. Vintage Coca Cola Vintage Ads Mexico Logo Carolina Do Norte Pepsi Logo Pepsi Ad Soda Brands Drinks Logo Logo Design More information ... People also love these ideas History of Pepsi logo began in 1898 with a close rivalry with competitor brand Coco Cola. product information. Pepsi has also used Indian celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra and cricket stars like Virat Kohli & Harbhajan Singh in their advertisements to endorse their product. Pepsi … And therein lies the key problem. He spent nine months and over $5 million dollars to figure out “Coke is timeless. Coke’s brand is stronger than Pepsi’s overall but Pepsi’s logo alone is very strong and carries huge brand equity. They’ve got nothing to hang their advertising from. Stay up to date with the latest products, promotions, news and more at But, do you know how over the years these brands have worked against each other to emerge as the best6 soft drink brand? At PepsiCo, we aim to give consumers choices. Going up against it is always going to be tough! Last year Pepsi spent several hundred million dollars on a new logo. In 1943 the company added the bottle cap to its logo, with the logo tagline ‘Bigger Drink, Better Taste’ incorporated into the lid.. I could go on and on about every ridiculous comment you’ve made. The Pepsi logo as we know it today is a textbook illustration of all modern design trends. Today, Pepsi is PepsiCo’s most valuable brand. Pepsi on the other hand, have nothing. You can also see the shape of the bottle displayed at the end of some Coca Cola advertisements. Since 1997, I think they have changed too much. They need to redesign their logo, packaging and entire brand identity to reflect that. Sorry to sound so scathing dude, but I am very anal about pretentious pseudo-literates who spread misleading articles across the www. Loft, Inc. sued Guth for the Pepsi brand and eventually won. I’m really not sure if Pepsi are a drinks company or if they’re selling tickets for concerts. Isn’t the point to your whole argument that Pepsi have attempted to redesign themselves and fully rebrand the company every decade to appeal to the new generation whereas Coca-cola have tried it once or twice only to go back to the old familiar. Some of their popular television advertisements include the ‘Simpsons’ advertisement of Coca Cola or the advertisement featuring the family of polar bears, thus endorsing the warm feelings of togetherness and love. And did they refuse to take it back? Pepsi has time and again done advertisements as an open challenge to Coca Cola. Coca Cola’s branding is timeless. How is that even possible? As the brand entered the 20th century, the brand logo was changed multiple times and the old formal font was given up to opt for much fun and easy font. Finally, in the year 2008, they opted to simplify their logo as they modified the circular logo and added the Pepsi text in the simpler font and thus was produced the new logo of Pepsi, by which we know it today. Coke on the other hand have shown some of the best modern branding and marketing of the modern era. Pepsi on the other hand, started out with a logo very similar to Coca Cola’s. Thanks for your well constructed and well thought out comment. A string of other bad marketing errors, such as Pepsi’s advert that makes fun of rival brand Coca Cola, actually helping Coca Cola, lead to Pepsi seated safely in the number two fizzy drinks spot (until Diet Coke overtook them). $4.99 $ 4. Over the span of the time they have spent competing against each other, they have both focused primarily on two different types of audiences. I could go on for hours about the differences here but maybe that is for a blog post of my own! The swirling globe was introduced without a blue background (notice that the can is used) in this first logo. In the 1960s logo, the wave was also introduced, which stayed around for quite a while and had become a major part of recognition for the brand. The current status of the logo is active, which means the logo is currently in use. Because Pepsi have elected to follow design trends, every several years, they have to roll out a refreshed logo design. The Pepsi logo was tweaked several times, each time becoming less intricate and more legible.1943 marks the beginning of the “Bottle Cap” era in the history of the Pepsi symbol. It is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The official Pepsi colors are red, blue and white. So i’d say that Flexibility is infinitely more important than timelessness. This consistency of flavour lets the brand appear trustworthy. If you would have noticed, all Coca Cola’s from the glass bottles to large plastic bottles, all have the same shape irrespective of the quantity of the soft drink. Leave your details here and we will get in touch to know more about your brand and craft a plan for growth. And on the other hand, if you asked somebody to describe the Pepsi logo, you would probably get a different version, depending on what it was like when they remember it most. Everyone figured they had just ripped off the Obama logo. In the 1990s, moving with the times, the brand introduced the logo with a more gradient and gloss with a pattern of water droplets on it. I believe that logos need to be contemporary than timeless. The brand does a lot to increase its brand recognition, but since they primarily focus on young consumers they could not build much trust among the mature consumers. Now, we’re not talking about who makes the most money overall. For this reason, both Coke and Pepsi put careful thought into the colors associated with their respective brands. Random can be great, if done right (see – Rowntree’s Randoms). Just as a fun little exercise, take a look at and compare the Coca Cola and Pepsi websites; Comparing the two company websites would be another blog post in it’s own right, but I think from these two screenshots alone, you can see which of the two companies is miles out in front of their competition. The beverage is primarily sold in Asia and Europe. It could’ve been timeless, classic and iconic (all words that are associated with Coca Cola) but due to indecisiveness I feel the logo falls short of reaching that summit. 5. To make it easier to choose your promotional items, we’ve conveniently organized our products so you can shop by logo. Both Coca Cola and Pepsi have worked hard over the years to build a strong brand presence among their consumers. First thing first, we all know, a logo is the face of any brand and if we don’t talk about how the logos of both these companies evolved with time, this article would somehow be incomplete. They had huge success during the late 90’s early 00’s with their association with Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child. It has proved to be a very successful initiative for Pepsi and helped increase brand awareness for the brand. In 1950, the old logo was only put between the Blue and red stripes. But besides him, you also get to see other young Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Diljit Dosanjh, etc in the ad campaigns of Coca Cola India. Also, the iconic ribbon at the end of the first ‘C’ was also introduced into the logo during the same time. 7 years later in 1998 Pepsi again changed their logo, adding more blue to it as they put their iconic circular logo and text over the blue background. Coca Cola have their message and brand identity, it’s the same as their logo; timeless and classic. We would love to hear your thoughts on this. You might have been around in the 40’s but I wasn’t – I don’t remember whatPepsi or Coke looked like back then. I do think their is some confusion between brand and logo in this article. No matter where you are in the world you can easily recognize a coke bottle with its iconic shape and unique red and white colours. Years prior, however, the drink was referred to as “Brad’s drink” which was ultimately rebranded into the drink we know today. Very surprising. The LA Times had written in 2009 that the new Pepsi logo will be front and center in PepsiCo’s three-year, $1.2-billion campaign that will overhaul all its beverage brands. But you don’t seem to have taken these into consideration at all. The Pepsi logo used from 1973 to 1987. A good example will be the 2003 ‘Thanda Matlab Coca Cola’ advertisement, starring Aamir Khan. “[1] PepsiCo may have brought in 38 percent more revenue in 2011 than Coca Cola. Also, Coca Cola’s much recognized red and white colour combination was also introduced in the 1950s. Coca Cola comes out to look like a family-friendly brand. I think that Pepsi should definitely try sticking to one logo style though, mostly the current one. They help us recognize all of the things we know and love the most. The Pepsi logo apparently contains references to the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, the golden ratio, the relativity of space and time, and magnetic fields. However, how is it remembered? Initially dubbed "Brad's Drink," Pepsi was … Even though both Coca Cola and Pepsi both are primarily known for their non- alcoholic soft drinks, their brand personalities are far different than each other. Global brands need to adapt to the local area because customs, traditions and taboos are huge factors that affect sales. Walnut Folks is a growth focussed marketing agency based in Mumbai, Nagpur & Kolkata. As you can see, by 1962, the “Pepsi Cola” script was gone and in its place was a simpler font with a simple message: “Pepsi”. The consumers didn’t react very positively to this redefinition of the brand and the brand later decided to go back to their old logo only a couple of years later. I’m just a student of Design and yet, I know at least this much. 4. I remember the classic 1980s Pepsi design, and the 1991 rebrand. Looking through the cluttered history of the fizzy drinks cans of both companies, the logo changes and evolutions become even more apparent. Coca Cola may seem like a more successful brand than Pepsi, but Pepsi has also been improving itself over the years as a brand to prove like a tough competitor to Coca Cola. Search Brands Submit No results for this search term. 99. Required fields are marked *. Minor changes were again made in the logo in the year 1906 after which it stayed the same for a long time, till the year 1940 and was again introduced with only a few changes to the older design. There have been many such advertisements by Pepsi in a way to try and look better than Coca Cola. I think that worked OK because it was essentially the same colourscheme, just a slightly different design. You Need A Product Explainer Video. Is it the 1991 version of the logo with the big red tail? We hope you enjoyed reading about the Cola rivalry of two big brands, Coca Cola and Pepsi and how their branding has changed over the years. Over the years, Pepsi’s logo evolved and changed with the times. Looking For a Logo Design? A hand drawn red typeface. The 1940’s version of the Pepsi logo is great, and I wish they’d stuck with it. I think it’s mostly due to the font, because of the way it’s made, you only need to know the way the name is written to know the brand. Both Coca Cola and Pepsi have changed their logos multiple times over the years. Saw this reposted on twitter, and had a read. Coca Cola has featured Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan in a number of creative advertisements. As we discussed earlier, even though Coca Cola has changed its logo nearly as many times as Pepsi, they have made only minor changes in the original design, essentially keeping the core design same. So why would I care about timelessness? The first logo of Pepsi was introduced two years after Coca Cola, with the name Pepsi Cola and had a very strange font in red colour. Though, the basic structure of the modern Coca Cola logo is very similar to their first logos launches in the 1900s while the modern Pepsi logo is almost unrecognizable from the old logos, it will still be unfair to say that Coca Cola logo hasn’t changed over the years. Because if you had, you’d know that the 2 brands have varying loyalty-bases depending on the regions they’re sold in. Compared to Coca Cola, Pepsi went through more changes in their logo design and their final logo looks completely different than what they had started with. Similar to Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola too adapted the more fun fonts with the ribbon pattern in the same red colour. In general, the famous brand has changed over ten logos for more than 100 years of history. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pepsi, on the other hand, has gone through drastic changes in their logo design. They need to get hold of a concept. This logo too didn’t stay long and was given up in the early years of the 21st century to introduce the Coca Cola Classic logo which is almost identical to the 1960s logo. Stronger brand recognition ensures that more and more people are familiar with your brand and the more they know about you, the more they can trust you. The company removed the word “Cola” from its logo, and it was never used since then. Wow! Further minor changes occurred in the logo later in the year 1973 to reproduce the logo. So now when I see Pepsi it looks like a We’re in this together. It’s a very important factor to consider while doing a comparative analysis (design or otherwise) for a global product. The first being a pyrotechnic stunt gone wrong which left Michael Jackson addicted to painkillers. The 1940’s version of the Pepsi logo is great, and I wish they’d stuck with it. It wasn’t till the year 1950, that the major changes in the logo design of Pepsi came, when the iconic blue, red and white colours of Pepsi were introduced as a mark of patriotism and respect to their motherland. A chance to win tickets is a sure-fire way of ensuring visitors. But the modern logo is completely different. 1. Pepsi is timely.” Really Brad? The participant didn’t know which one he drank first and was asked to choose the soft drink, whose taste he liked more. Why would a consumer visit a site UNLESS there was some value add for him? Do you really think that it is the logo design that’s solely responsible for it? So, for ‘The Pepsi Challenge’, people were challenged to take a blindfold test, where they were made to taste two soft drinks one of which was Pepsi and the other was Coke. A concise red and blue circle with a white curvy stripe makes you think of a happy, smiling face. In our last logo design case study post we looked at The UN Logo and shared some thoughts and ideas about it. If you want to know more about this iconic rivalry, you should definitely visit the following sites. All they’d need to do is hire a hot shot designer to design a hot shot logo and POOF! I came here thinking I’d get some input… but what I found instead was tons of useless material on who NOT do write a comparative analysis. It hasn’t aged and it still looks great. Simple and up-to-the-point, the emblem fits any carrier, from mobile apps to T-shirts. I’m not saying that’s why I don’t drink Pepsi anymore (my tastes have changed and now I drink Diet Coke anyway) but I would be more tempted to buy an occasional Pepsi if they actually looked like they did when I was a kid. In the year 1962, the brand dropped the name Pepsi Cola for the soft drink and simply took up the name Pepsi and the old logo was redefined for the name Pepsi. Do you think Pepsi are going wrong? With a team of 30+, we are leading the marketing charge for leading brands on social media, search and eCommerce platforms. Now, you must notice that both the brands differ a lot when it comes to taste. The rest are repetitions of the same sentences in different ways – like you’re wringing every last vestige of anti-Pepsi feeling out of your system. In the 1980’s Pepsi’s celebrity endorsement strategy ran into several problems. The Pepsi globe and wordmark used from 1992 to 2003. [2] “You don’t need a consultancy to tell you that Coke has used the polar bear and Santa mascots for decades. 12 years later to this, Pepsi aka Pepsi Cola was established in the year 1898 by Caleb Bradham in North Carolina and that is where the struggle to surpass each other in the marketing efforts began. UNLESS you specifically mention that it’s for XYZ region. I believe that where Coca Cola have succeeded and Pepsi have failed, is with their branding. And Pepsi manages to achieve that thanks to its iconic colors. 1 soft drink producer and they have both come a long way. instant sales, market leadership and guaranteed customer loyalty! It started in the year 1975 and proved to be a huge hit for the company. I think the whole point is “Pepsi need to adopt something timeless, rather than changing their brand all the time to keep up with current trends”. PepsiCo Frontline: Never Alone To our PepsiCo frontline, and everyone on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, thank you for all you’re doing. The Pepsi ball is now two-dimensional again, the word "Pepsi" looks like as of the 1975 Diet Pepsi logo (with the 'e' in a "wavy" shape like the previous logos), and the red white and blue design has been changed to look like a smile, which changes size according to the … 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. This logo was kept the same for more than two decades until 1985 when Coca Cola introduced their product in a redefined way under the name of New Coke and changed their logo to more formal and simpler fonts. Comparison of brands Pepsi Cola vs Coca Cola. The logo on Pepsi’s first can is completely different to that on the last can. After all the recognisable image of coca cola is the writing, possibly why Pepsi decided to move away from that appearance and go with the circle. In 1991, Pepsi commemorated the evolution of its scripted Pepsi logo by featuring a logo design with an italic capital typeface. It is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Our full range of food and beverages are designed to bring a smile to anyone’s face, anytime, anywhere. However, when random isn’t what you’re going for, it’s just a term that’s bandied about because people don’t quite know how to classify you or your product. But a version of the iconic logo that we now attribute to the soda didn't exist until over 50 years after the company's conception. Where Coca Cola has a fizzier and less sweet raisin vanilla taste, Pepsi has a less fizzy citrussy sweet kind of taste. From that time on, the Pepsi Company and Pepsi brand have realized tremendous growth. Interestingly, it’s a study of the Coca Cola brand (which I love btw, in case you think I’m a Pepsi fanatic). Retrofit logo, panels and all! During the period from1898 to 1940’s, Pepsi had a swirly red script logo, which looked similar to that of Coco Cola logo. In the aspect of brand value, Coca Cola has always surpassed Pepsi. I have read your comment thoroughly and reflected on the Coca Cola vs Pepsi post myself (it was a little over 7 months ago I wrote this now,) and to be honest, I share a lot of your views, the post could have been better researched/written. Source: by lo g odix. Effective content that engages your audience. Compared to Coca Cola, Pepsi went through more changes in their. You can also visit Walnut Folks. As for Coca-Cola, it is always stayed the way it has been (as far as I know) and it much easier to recognize anywhere in the world. Although they are vastly different in design, and use of the rhetorical situation, both ads were successful at getting people to share, talk, and think about them and the brands they represent. And this has been reflected in their Television advertisements from time to time. However, they moved on, bringing in the blue and keeping up with trends, a vital branding mistake. The product is named “Classic.” Everything about the brand is traditional.”. Sure, it’s been sat on a couple of different backgrounds and had the word “Coke” added to it now and again, but essentially, it’s been the same logo. Pepsi Logo and Tagline. Let’s discuss the brand recognition of Pepsi and Coca Cola. Use this Pepsi brand color scheme for digital or print projects that need to use specific color values to match their company color palette. The swirly typeface that everyone the world over can recognise. Here’s Why? Some such celebrities include Micheal Jackson, Britney Spears, etc. They seem to change their icon whenever the mood suits. Pepsi has been giving Coca Cola a competition in advertising for a long time. When we think of Pepsi, we envision a red, white and blue circle, waving like a flag. Plus, I think the design is kinda ugly now anyway. The Pepsi Logo History This popular drink carries a rich logo history that is sure to entertain you. However that direction feels stale and their brand is becoming limited to a market of teeny-boppers and those that can’t get Coke in a restaurant. So we suggest you just sit back and relax and keep reading!! Ideas, tips and tricks, and thought pieces to help drive results through design. If you asked somebody to describe the Coca Cola logo, you’d probably get a response along the lines of “it’s those red swirly letters”. It is, after all, what people associate with them. On October 15, 2008, Pepsi launched an entirely new logo, but it did not come into effect until early 2009 when the usage of the last logo ended. Pepsi’s advertisements have been clever but have mostly featured young celebrities to impress their target audience. The final logo was introduced by the brand in the year 2009 in their iconic red colour much similar to their 1940s logo. So, we can say that Pepsi has appeared to be a more appealing brand for young consumers, but at the same time also tried desperately hard to look like a superior brand against Coca Cola. According to the recent statistics from Statista, Coca Cola was fifth in the list of the world’s most valuable brands with a brand value of 66.34 Billion US dollars, while Pepsi had the twenty-first position in the same list with a brand value of 20.8 Billion US dollar in the year 2018. In 1950, the old logo was only put between the Blue and red stripes. This logo was used for Pepsi Throwback until 2014. Its rich history spans over a century and its current form is the culmination of many changes - a constant exercise in progressive minimalism as the company strives to keep its image relevant for every generation. I would be very interested in reading your own comparison or study of the Coca Cola brand. In May 2012 Brad Jakeman, Pepsi’s new chief creative officer was tasked with creating a new global campaign. I do think they’ve been hampered by change over the last few years. However, it is a brief comparison, not a University level assignment. After all, there is something to be said for the psychology of color in marketing. The coolest part about logos is the fact that they are usually a simple and small design that accompanies a business, company, or brand, yet they symbolize SO much. Coca Cola’s logo largely remained the same till the 1950s when a new fishtail logo was introduced. In fact, in the year 2015, they introduced aluminium bottles in a similar shape to celebrate 100 years of the soft drink.  |  Created by Canny, The Ultimate Small Business Branding Guide, Coca Cola vs Pepsi | Logo Design Case Study. different product, whereas Coke is recognizable despite the many changes. 2. And I’d call you an uninformed nincompoop for writing a half baked write-up about a comparative study when there is absolutely NO substance in your post. Further, in this article, we are about to discuss comparatively how both the companies have evolved in their branding processes and emerged as two big soft drink companies in the 21st century. In the year 1962, the brand dropped the name Pepsi Cola for the soft drink and simply took up the name Pepsi and the old logo was redefined for the name Pepsi. ©PepsiCo Inc. Both work with different marketing strategies and different target audiences, but they have been in close competitions in the ‘soft drinks’ niche. We recommend using the Pepsi color palette for personal projects and in the case of commercial use to visit the company website. The icing on the ridiculous cake that is your post, is this – your review of the two websites. They need to start again and rebuild their entire brand message, or, get a brand message as at the minute, there isn’t enough to rebuild. It stands out enough with its simple, modern design so that I can recognize it easily. You mentioned the statistics of the two brands. Sure, they release limited edition cans, seasonal cans and the like but that logo and those colours are always there. Both Coca Cola and Pepsi sell their products in more than 200 countries, but when it comes to brand recognition, Coke trumps over Pepsi. © 2020 Canny Creative The first logo of Pepsi was introduced two years after Coca Cola, with the name Pepsi Cola and had a very strange font in red colour. As a soft drink brand, unlike Pepsi, they didn’t only focus on teens and young adults but on all consumers of all age. Your email address will not be published. They haven’t got that key hook to their brand that gets people. But, their other ad campaigns like the ‘Share a Coke’ ad campaign help target a wider range of audience, not just the young consumers but also mature adults in their midlife. Feel free to ask us anything about this or any of our services as a branding agency. If I was Pepsi I would return back to the original design of the 3 coloured circle without the current update to it and continue with the current plain font they are using. “The Soda Wars” have been raging for well over 100 years and the argument of “Coca Cola is nicer than Pepsi” or vice-versa is older than the hills. Because I just read your ‘post’ and it reads more like a sarcastic put down of Pepsi than like a legitimate case study. It was then that the The problem Pepsi have, in my professional opinion, is their brand direction is flawed. To me Pepsi is always a white background with the circle logo and blue writing. This was one of Coca Cola’s most successful ad campaigns in India. Over the years, both the companies have been in constant competition to be the no. In the end, the use of ethos, logos, and pathos in the advertisements by both Coke AND Pepsi made them speak to the public. Both these brands worked hard and adapted a number of tactics to be the number 1 in the soft drink industry. Everytime you think of soft drinks, two big names that come to your mind are Coca Cola and Pepsi and rightfully so, as both these brands have worked super hard to earn the prestige they have today. Did you try to return a can of Pepsi that you didn’t want? But, Pepsi has also used creative initiatives like the Pepsi Refresh Project that had started in the year 2010 and has been continued ever since causing quite a stir among consumers. Their brand direction has taken them towards “happiness”, consider their “share a coke” payoff and the brand illustration style they use. Thanks for the comments Chris. Since you haven’t mentioned geography in your Title, let me ask you this.. Have you done your research well? The logo went along for about a decade and was later given up to adopt the new logo in the 1960s, much similar to the modern logo. New 2008 Pepsi Logo Download the vector logo of the Pepsi brand designed by Olivier BERTRAND in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. Later at the company’s 100 years celebration in 1998, Pepsi-Cola unveiled a new logo that symbolized the brand’s innovation and global recognition. I’m surprised you don’t realize the importance of leading footfalls into a website. Over the years brands such as Pepsi change their logos and marketing slogans. Initially, the adjustments were forced and related to the competition between the Pepsi Coca and Coca Cola branding. Your brand recognition decides in the right sense how much your consumers value your brand. Their rivalry is very well known in the marketing world, and we will be discussing the same in this article. In 1987, David Bowie (another of Pepsi’s celebrity faces) was accused of sexual assault, forcing the company to drop their new advert immediately. Pepsi-Cola’s final red and white logo. Another aspect that Coca Cola uses in its favour is the iconic shape of its bottles. I think I’d figured that out by the 3rd paragraph of this article, and that was before researching where Pepsi were going wrong. These celebrities are idols of the young people in the nation, thus helping the brand to endorse their product among young consumers. I have to argue that the Pepsi logo would have worked better if they’d picked the positioning and secured it with a classic typeface from the word go. Pepsi targeted both Santa Claus and Coca Cola’s famous polar bears in their “hilarious” advertising campaign, that actually ended up helping their rivals. Nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel, Trickle, trickle, trickle, trickle…”. It looked very much like the emblem of the company’s main rival, Coca Cola. $2.50 shipping. Your email address will not be published. Bright, vibrant and exciting. 8 Ways To Improve Your B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2020, 8 Witty Ways To Respond To Negative Feedback On Your Content, Attract More Customers Using Google Ads Conversion Funnel. From a so-called comparative study of logos to a dig at their website? Do you prefer Pepsi to Coke? I”d call it brilliant. Despite the brands having a very similar visual feel, Pepsi-Cola stuck with the red and white ribbon logo until 1950, only updating it once more for a more pared-down look in 1940. Concluding, we can say that Coca Cola always focused on the more emotional side of its consumers and has emerged as a fun and trustworthy brand. Great looking brands that connect your customers to you. However I think your final advice to Pepsi is a little misguided in the fact that you suggest “They need to start again and rebuild their entire brand message, or, get a brand message as at the minute, there isn’t enough to rebuild.”. There are numerous other areas in which Pepsi’s strategy has tripped up. As a consumer I need to identify with the brand. But its archrival sold $28 billion worth of soda while PepsiCo only sold $12 billion.”. Hi Perran, thanks for your great and well though out comment. The first ever logo of Coca Cola was introduced in the year 1986 and had a much simpler and formal font than what we see in their logo today. On looking at Coca Cola’s history of cans, their recognisable type based logo is ever present, as are their brand colours; red and white. Essentially, they need to do what they should’ve done years ago. I’m not saying their circle is bad, I think they just need to work on it, stick with it, stop changing the angle of it and have some confidence in the design! Your comment adds some great extra insight to the post and I’d certainly be interested in reading any blog post that you write on the subject. The color codes: RGB, CYMK for print, Hex for web and the Pantone colors can be seen below. Want to know more about our products and what makes them some of America's favorite drinks and most talked about brands? Take Pepsi’s ‘The Pepsi Challenge’ for an example. Another instance will be the Pepsi’s Halloween advertisement of the year 2018, that featured a Pepsi can with a Coca Cola drape wishing a scary Halloween. In the year 1991, Pepsi took out the text from the circular symbol to create a much simpler logo design. Just like the ‘Thanda Matlab Coca Cola’ advertisement campaign, Pepsi too started a ‘Pepsi Thi Pee Gaya’ advertisement campaign. How cool is that? Something that can be settled though, is why Coca Cola have consistently trumped Pepsi in the soda market. We hope you enjoyed reading about the Cola rivalry of two big brands, Coca Cola and Pepsi and how their branding has changed over the years. Sorry if I seem overly critical this is an old article and I am sure your perspective has changed considerably. Good luck with it. It also appears that in 1990, whoever was responsible for designing Pepsi’s cans bumped their head and created some sort of discotheque styled graphical monstrosity. Even in Japan the logo is iconic, despite it being in a different language. Thats tunnel vision, not to mention wishful thinking IMHO. I came across this article while trying to get advice on making my own logo, and it honestly helped a lot. A review of the Coke vs. Pepsi marketing feud isn’t complete without a look at each brand’s now iconic logos and the colors used. Great article and whilst I agree with much of what you say and more interestingly I was under the mistaken impression that pepsi had only been going since the 50s coincidentally when the iconic Pepsi 3 colour circle logo came into fruition! The range of advertisements under Coca Cola India also portrays the same fact. Pepsi Brand Logo Iron On Flag Embroidered Patch Badge Military Uniform Iron On Sew On Patch Badge. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola are huge corporations with a lot of other brand names under their respective umbrellas. Pepsi PANTONE, HTML Hex, RGB and CMYK Color Codes The Pepsi colors found in the logo are red, blue, background blue and white. Beginning from 1960s Pepsi was no longer “Pepsi-Cola”. The logo is meant to emphasize the “perimeter oscillations” of the Pepsi logo, the “gravitational pull” of a can of Pepsi on a supermarket shelf.

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